Payroll Software

Payroll Management Software

The objective of this software is to develop a multi user environment that will replace all the work presently done with excel and word and will create such an automation so that man power involvement is minimum and restricted only in some decision making situations and also to maximize effectiveness of the Payroll System.

The main goal for developing the payroll software in windows platform will be as follows:

  • After entering the master information monthly salary generation will be one moment task.
  • All yearly reports will be generated automatically
  • The software will be based on a database. So at any time these data can be used for other purposes if required.
  • The software will be password protected and users will have rights to perform specified job only.
  • Software will be multi user.
  • Front End: Visual Basic.Net
  • Back End: MySql
  • OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8


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